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Michał Chylak

(born October 11, 2004 in Warsaw) – photographer, photo technician. Already in primary school, he was interested in photography and film, and he developed his talent by creating and publishing amateur reportage films on YouTube. He is a graduate of the renowned Phototechnical School (Technikum Fototechniczne) in Warsaw. By profession – photography and multimedia technician.

While studying in technical school, Michał actively participated in numerous projects, including extracurricular initiatives such as “Twarze fotospokojnej” and “Zawody w obiektywie”. It was there that he developed his photography skills most effectively.

His passion for photography deepened in 2021, when he completed a professional internship at a small photography studio, Studio Foto “S” in Bialoleka, Warsaw. There he took up photography and photo processing for documents, gaining practical experience in working with clients.

In February 2023, Michał took over the responsibility for making a photo reportage on the training of Volunteer Fire Department firefighters (Ochotnicza Straz Pozarna) in the field, demonstrating his extraordinary ability to capture moments from this event.

In January and February 2024, he photographed two opera concerts organized by the Mikulski-Art foundation at the Terminal Kultury Goclaw in Warsaw.

His photographic works are an attempt to show the surrounding world in a realistic and unique way. Michał Chylak constantly develops his skills, trying to inspire others with his artistic sensitivity. Apart from photography, he is also passionate about computer graphics and creating amateur short films.