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Many of our activities would not be possible without cooperation with other people, organizations, institutions nor companies. We are very grateful for every support, help and joint initiatives. Thank you for being open to the needs of the Foundation's beneficiaries.

At the same time, we encourage companies and institutions to cooperate with us to support our activities. Joint activity will undoubtedly contribute to:

  •  building the image of your company
  • promoting social responsibility
  • creating opportunities for systematic and professional artistic education of talented young people – often from environments where access to culture, sports or creative work is difficult.
How can we work together?

We are only limited by our creativity. We are open to all forms of cooperation that will help our beneficiaries to educate and develop their knowledge, cultural and identity awareness.

Financial assistance

Support our statutory activities by making a donation. You can do it in many ways: by involving your employees and organizing a fundraiser; supporting our activities as an entrepreneur or taking patronage over one of our projects (e.g. master class, art workshops, trip to the Philharmonic or the Opera, concert, opera performance, artistic scholarship, purchase of instruments, sheet music or other)

Material and competence support

Nasi beneficjenci mają różnorodne potrzeby, często od zaspokojenia tych, wydawałoby się, podstawowych zależy, czy będą w stanie się kształcić, rozwijać swoje talenty i uczestniczyć bez kompleksów w życiu kulturalnym i społecznym.

What do they need most?

  • Musical instruments – if you have any (already) unused musical instruments, e.g. piano, upright piano, violin, accordion, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, French horn – we will renovate them and find a new – happy owner for them, or we will sell them during events organized by Auction Foundation by donating the auctioned funds for our statutory purposes
  • Score materials, professional literature – if you have sheet music, professional music, legal, medical, artistic, historical literature – we will be happy to pass these “treasures” to those who need them very much
  • Works of art – the Foundation regularly organizes auctions, during which works of art put up for auction and sold for money will help to achieve our statutory goals
  • Lectures, workshops, courses – if you have an interesting topic for a scientific lecture, you can offer your knowledge and experience – we will help organize the place, engage in promotion and find the right group of beneficiaries – participants of workshops, master classes and scientific lectures

Competency volunteering

Undoubtedly, material support is very important for the implementation of the Foundation’s goals. However, it is not the only form of support we ask for.

If you cannot support us financially, our beneficiaries will also appreciate other forms of support.

You can offer them your time, your talents, your passion and skills in the form of a workshop, lecture, volunteering, help in co-organizing events, projects organized by us, etc.; assistance at the level of promotion, creating graphics, promotional materials, printing, hotel, transport services and many others.

Anyone can help!! – together we have a lot and we are strong – we are only limited by our fantasy!!

Contact us today – let’s discuss the details of cooperation together!

Contact us today – let’s discuss the details of cooperation together!

Contact us today – let’s discuss the details of cooperation together!

Contact us today – let’s discuss the details of cooperation together!

Contact us today – let’s discuss the details of cooperation together!